Foster – Step – Adopt

As I was reading my Bible this morning Paul the Apostle talked about calling God Abba Father. Jesus called God, Father, and even said we would be able to as well.  As I pondered these things it just hit me. Jesus was the ONLY natural born Son of God. The rest of us are adopted.

As I thought of this it came to me how very different these words and the way the child is dealt with is also very different. A natural born child is held to the standard of the parent.  They are blood and blood is in our hearts…it is a PART OF US. So a discussion about a natural born child is pretty much moot. Granted there are good parents and bad but still…I think you understand where the concept of a natural born child is pretty much understood.

Then I thought of the other options…and the first one I thought of was a Foster Child. A child taken in because of circumstances beyond their control has removed them from their parents home. These children are usually loved and cared for – but not in the same manner as the natural child. Usually, the Fostered child is loved with the knowledge they are going to leave. It is hard (at least for me) to love a child so much with the knowledge they are not staying and be totally invested in them.  The pain of loss would about kill me. This could be because I was never blessed to have children of my own.

Then there are Step children. AGAIN, due to circumstances beyond their control, they are thrust into a position where they are in a family where SOMETIMES they are not wanted and even despised. They are treated as outcasts or worse servants. Yes, I actually know of people who were in this kind of family. It broke my heart that I couldn’t take them and love them the way a child should be loved.

Then there is the ADOPTED child. What do you do with an adopted child?  Some, truly do NOT understand that the adopted child is NOT a fostered child…they are there permanently and are to be treated as one with the blood children. I know of families that this is not understood…but it is still truth. THANK GOD HE knows what an adopted child is supposed to be treated like.  HE created us originally as His children…but because of Adams bad choice we were ripped from Him.

He came to earth as one of us so He could PAY the Price that was demanded FOR that choice just to have us back.  We are LOVED beyond measure.  He is blessed when we choose Him and choose to learn to walk in His presence. He delights in us…we are HIS. We are treated as EQUALS with Jesus because that is they way an Adopted child is to be treated.  Praise God.


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