Funny, you don’t hear the word meandering much anymore. I wonder why that is. Hm, guess it could be that it is not the kind of word that comes up in many conversations today.  What with microwave ovens and instant life. (Just add water!)  That’s kind of sad. Kind of like the smell of fresh cotton that has been hung to dry in the sun on a breezy spring day.

I used to love “meandering” all over the store when my Mom worked at JC Penney. I was in my early teens then. Even then I was good at meandering…the world seemed a lot safer back then. I could walk aimlessly and just ponder life. Since the store was only a couple miles from home we would walk there often. Sometimes laughing and kidding around as a group of cousins or friends would, other times I would just walk around the new housing development that was taking shape just up from my parents home.  I think the way we were able to explore so many of the new homes as they were being built gave me a real love of architecture. I am pretty sure that is where I came up with the overwhelming desire to draw floor plans in all my stories.

I loved to write back then, I wrote a lot and really enjoyed it. I even wrote a  really good story that I let a friend of mine read, and he, being the supportive brotherly type was very encouraging of my work. Ah, but I never thought it was a real gift. Writing was just an outlet for all my frustrations and in my stories my heroine was always everything I wanted to be, but wasn’t.

And as short as this piece is…I’d say it is a great example of meandering. Have a great life y’all.

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