Amateur or Professional

Having never seen “High School Musical” before (yes I realize how sheltered I have been.) I seriously had low expectations of a high school drama club actually DOING the play. Well, I guess my expectations had been blurred by the shoddy and lifeless “productions” that I saw from a local high school. This high school was far and above BETTER than the afore mentioned local school. The play was done with polish and style. The acting was superb and the lines delivered flawlessly. (I did, after all, go to the LAST showing and if my thought runs true…by that showing the group are either SO tired it will be a total screw up, or they will have worked all the kinks out – it was nice that the latter was the rule that night.)

I wasn’t always so judgmental about high schools and the drama clubs, why the high school that I went to while growing up really were VERY well put together. Even though they were from 16 to 18 years old they actually had talent and obviously exquisite guidance with the production. When I saw “professional actors” doing plays later in life I found that the productions that my high school had done had ranked quite high as far as quality in both performance and ability.  Before you think I have gone on off the deep end patting myself on the back…I was not part of the drama club…and although I did try out once (thank GOD) they had the GOOD sense to squash that little flame out in one fell swoop. No, I’m not upset that they did that…granted I was then, but life has taken me to places I am sure the theatre would not or could not have taken me. I do love watching quality plays being performed by talented actors whether they be 16, 17, 18 or a seasoned ADULT PROFESSIONAL actor. If a play is well done…it is worth the price no matter what it is. I’m so glad the young lady at the “not so good” high school is having her LAST play in her LAST year of school and we will not have to endure that agony of sitting though the abomination that they call “drama.”

On the other hand – the younger sister, who has moved to be able to go to the “GOOD DRAMA” department is only a Sophomore so we have 3 glorious years to watch this talented young lady soar to new and exciting heights as she is taught and as she submits to instruction both in acting and in signing (she has a WONDERFUL voice). I am looking forward to the day when I can say – “I knew her when” and smile.

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