Picture This

Blah, blah, blah, waa, waa, waa good grief our world is so full of NOISE! The roar of 18-wheelers  on the highway and the road-rage faces on drivers waiting impatiently at stop lights. Oh if you could only HEAR what is being said in that car next to you. You have NO idea what they have been through today and then that person had the audacity to cut in front of them has pushed them to the limit! Horns honking because pedestrians are making their way across a busy intersection looking at their phone and not the walk/don’t walk sign. Everyone in such a hurry to be someplace beside where they are and do not seem to care who knows it.

Now, breathe…just suck in that clean cool spring air into your lungs and close your eyes. Breathe out. Do it again with your eyes still closed breathe in slowly and breathe out just as slowly.  Feel the cool fresh spring grass under your bare feet as you sit quietly on a small hill under a dogwood tree. Tilt your face up to the sun, like a blooming sun-flower. Feel the warmth. Listen to the birds twittering in the trees near and far…a constant conversation light and sweet. A light breeze lifts your hair just a touch and it tickles your neck. Shh do you hear the swishing and gurgling of the small stream winding near by. Cool clear water, so inviting. A small glimmer just under the water as a tadpole zips close to the waters edge looking for a dark place to hide. You smile as you watch it back into a small coverlet under a water lily. Peace abounds.

Thank You Lord, You can take us away for just a moment when we need it most. I simple closing of our eyes so that we can SEE You. Let us breathe You in and be submersed in Your presence. Let us show the world that this is NOT all there is nor is it as good as it gets. You are AWESOME God.

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