Amateur or Professional

Having never seen “High School Musical” before (yes I realize how sheltered I have been.) I seriously had low expectations of a high school drama club actually DOING the play. Well, I guess my expectations had been blurred by the shoddy and lifeless “productions” that I saw from a local high school. This high school was far and above BETTER than the afore mentioned local school. The play was done with polish and style. The acting was superb and the lines delivered flawlessly. (I did, after all, go to the LAST showing and if my thought runs true…by that showing the group are either SO tired it will be a total screw up, or they will have worked all the kinks out – it was nice that the latter was the rule that night.)

I wasn’t always so judgmental about high schools and the drama clubs, why the high school that I went to while growing up really were VERY well put together. Even though they were from 16 to 18 years old they actually had talent and obviously exquisite guidance with the production. When I saw “professional actors” doing plays later in life I found that the productions that my high school had done had ranked quite high as far as quality in both performance and ability.  Before you think I have gone on off the deep end patting myself on the back…I was not part of the drama club…and although I did try out once (thank GOD) they had the GOOD sense to squash that little flame out in one fell swoop. No, I’m not upset that they did that…granted I was then, but life has taken me to places I am sure the theatre would not or could not have taken me. I do love watching quality plays being performed by talented actors whether they be 16, 17, 18 or a seasoned ADULT PROFESSIONAL actor. If a play is well done…it is worth the price no matter what it is. I’m so glad the young lady at the “not so good” high school is having her LAST play in her LAST year of school and we will not have to endure that agony of sitting though the abomination that they call “drama.”

On the other hand – the younger sister, who has moved to be able to go to the “GOOD DRAMA” department is only a Sophomore so we have 3 glorious years to watch this talented young lady soar to new and exciting heights as she is taught and as she submits to instruction both in acting and in signing (she has a WONDERFUL voice). I am looking forward to the day when I can say – “I knew her when” and smile.

Another Sleepless Night

Wow, insomnia…who would have thought. So much on my mind. I’m not in pain and the thoughts are a jumble.

One of the many things I have learned through  the years I have walked on this earth is: Don’t hold onto anything too tightly. Do not count on yourself, even, to be your everything because you will fail yourself often and sometimes even with remorse. Other people come and go either for a short season or for reason…and sometimes they come to stay. Well, stay is also relative. We all have an expiration date…we just don’t necessarily know when that expiration date will be met. Love each one as much as you can. Give what you need to give and receive what you need to receive so that when the time to say good-bye comes – you will be ready.

Call a loved one on the phone just to say “Hi, I was thinking about you.” Or write a letter or text…send a card just to lift someone’s spirit a bit. Go see them and give them a hug. Small things yes…but so much larger than life at the right time. When we seek God’s face our timing will be impeccable.

For God so loved the world, us…people! That He gave His ONLY BEGOTTEN Son so that WHOSOEVER – that doesn’t mean only the good, tidy, neat little packages who are “perfect” in every way – that means EVERYONE…the good, the bad and the ugly, can come. God in all HIS GLORY in heaven didn’t want just beings that were created to worship Him…he wanted someone who WANTED to worship and FELLOWSHIP with Him of his own will and decision. God wanted sons and daughters who would choose to become HIS children…on purpose and with forethought. He doesn’t want a long list of “DO’S and DON’TS” He is not a fan of religion. WHAT?! It’s true…religion smothers the life out of relationship. There is freedom in relationship if it is healthy. In a good and true relationship, you can be totally yourself with each other.

Have you ever noticed, when you spend time with other people, you begin to be more like each other. I have found being around certain people that many times things that I say a lot start being said by others – and I know that other people rub off on me as well. It is what we do. When we spend a lot of time with our friends we all start becoming more and more like each other. Well, I know that the more time I spend alone with my heavenly Father…the more like Him I become. And alas…when I choose to walk farther away than I ever intended from His face…the more like the world I become. I am on my journey back to closeness with my Creator…my Father…my BEST Friend, who never forsook me and is always near when I need shelter in a storm to hold me close and let me sob and cry into His chest in the wee hours of the morning.

Lord, YOU know the path I must take. Though I walked away…your arms are open wide to take me back. I have picked up so much junk in my life I know I need to be purged of the dead stuff so that like a newly pruned fruit tree I can look beautiful in Your sight and produce the fruit of YOUR Life. I trust You Lord to take me there again and deeper still into Your presence.

Thoughts in Insomnia

Thoughts in the middle of the night when insomnia hits, yet again.

I’m so glad I got to spend time with my Mom before she passed, she was and is a real inspiration. I hope I got at least a little of her love of life and family. She was totally with us until she went home…less than 24 hours before she died she was sitting on the edge of my sister’s couch having conversation with her Pastor’s wife and to see this (if you didn’t know she was sick) you would not have guessed that she was dying.

Molly looks so much better when she is groomed, so why do I not keep her groomed…it’s not like it costs me anything, I do it myself. Laziness has to go…that is all I’m going to say about that.

As much as I love organization why am I so disorganized in my schedule? If I would take the time to plan how my days should be spent I could get so much more accomplished. I mean I do a good job at work keeping priorities in order…but when I am home that all goes out the window. I guess, maybe I am afraid that too much organization removes any spontaneity…you have to have flexibility or you become so rigid that you can’t bend. But I also don’t want to be a wet noodle either. There is a mid-point somewhere and I will, with God’s help, find it.

Panda Pop is addictive…I need to walk away for awhile. There are so many things that are SO much more important that I leave Undone because I waste time on that stupid game. So…starting now…I’m officially done with it for the next month I will NOT play that game. Period.

When I was 10 I would NEVER have believed that my phone would be my navigator and be better than I could EVER have been even with a map! Technology is a good thing but I don’t want to become so dependent on it that I can’t do anything on my own again. I used to do math (ok simple add and subtract) in my head…I need to cultivate that again, along with using a real map – not a virtual one. I need to be more disciplined about EVERYTHING again. My finances being a big priority. Ric did me no favor when he coerced me into giving into every little whim. That needs corrected too…and NOW.



Picture This

Blah, blah, blah, waa, waa, waa good grief our world is so full of NOISE! The roar of 18-wheelers  on the highway and the road-rage faces on drivers waiting impatiently at stop lights. Oh if you could only HEAR what is being said in that car next to you. You have NO idea what they have been through today and then that person had the audacity to cut in front of them has pushed them to the limit! Horns honking because pedestrians are making their way across a busy intersection looking at their phone and not the walk/don’t walk sign. Everyone in such a hurry to be someplace beside where they are and do not seem to care who knows it.

Now, breathe…just suck in that clean cool spring air into your lungs and close your eyes. Breathe out. Do it again with your eyes still closed breathe in slowly and breathe out just as slowly.  Feel the cool fresh spring grass under your bare feet as you sit quietly on a small hill under a dogwood tree. Tilt your face up to the sun, like a blooming sun-flower. Feel the warmth. Listen to the birds twittering in the trees near and far…a constant conversation light and sweet. A light breeze lifts your hair just a touch and it tickles your neck. Shh do you hear the swishing and gurgling of the small stream winding near by. Cool clear water, so inviting. A small glimmer just under the water as a tadpole zips close to the waters edge looking for a dark place to hide. You smile as you watch it back into a small coverlet under a water lily. Peace abounds.

Thank You Lord, You can take us away for just a moment when we need it most. I simple closing of our eyes so that we can SEE You. Let us breathe You in and be submersed in Your presence. Let us show the world that this is NOT all there is nor is it as good as it gets. You are AWESOME God.