When is Old

I am 60…I’m not old…I laugh when I remember my mother telling me at 75 that she didn’t think she was old yet so she would push “being old” out to 85…at 84 she smiled and said, “well maybe 90″…my mother passed on to heaven last year still “not old” at 90. I loved my Mom and she was a wonderful mother. Such an example of a strong woman who loved her family and GOD FORBID that ANYONE hurt her babies. It didn’t matter that her baby at her passing was nearing 60 and I only had a couple months before I (her next to last) was to hit 60…we were still her babies and she loved us as fiercely then as she did when we were babies. She didn’t accept Christ until I was nearly 40 but when she did – she (like me) loved Him with all of her being. True she wasn’t at the Church every time the doors were open…but you could sense Jesus with her ALL the time. She walked with Him as surely as the apostles did while Jesus was here on earth. I miss her so very much.

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