Gripe Session

What goes in…must come out. It’s inevitable…the way things work. Good in…good out. Bad in…bad out. Like the computer geek said, garbage in, garbage out. The same holds true with the living. If we are at all concerned about our lives and what impact they will have on our circumstances and other’s lives, we need to guard ourselves to the things we allow into our lives.

Try as we might to make the right choices it only takes one bad decision to start us down a path so dark we end up wondering how in the world we got there.

Have you EVER had a moment when you just wanted the whole world to stop and let you get off? Eh, sometimes? Ha, it happens more often than I want to admit. Life just gets too loud and hectic and crazy. A deep breath and a hot bubble bath are often what is truly needed to de-stress.  Right now, for example, I am going through sugar withdrawal and it is not pretty. I have pain issues because of Fibromyalgia but when I got my new job a lot of my pain subsided…so I decided to start losing the weight that I gained and finish my weight loss program so that I can be as healthy as possible. Yay me! Uh-huh…the exercise is good for me and I know I will eventually get in shape enough that I won’t hurt from it (as much) but the lack of sweets is really hard…I mean…really hard. I totally understand people who are quitting smoking…I am NOT a pleasant person right now. I believe if I could just sleep through the next few days it would be SO much better on the rest of the world and me.

So I eat…and I chastise myself for being weak. Surely Raisin Bran can’t be that bad for me…right? I mean there is fiber and milk for calcium…but alas…the weight stays and the spiral goes down even farther.

The beautiful thing about a tirade on your computer is this…there is this little key on my keyboard called delete.

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