Overcome or Overcomer

I want to … but I can’t. It comes and then goes before I can grasp the thought. It’s supposed to flow but then it is dammed up inside and the dam is quivering with the strain. I’m going to start spending more time alone so I can hear it. Understand what it is and let it flow through me. Lord, I KNOW it is only YOU that gives the GOOD words. I will hear You Lord.

As I was just listening to Mandissa sing “Overcomer” it occurred to me that at the last concert we were at she admitted the friend that had inspired the song did succumb to the cancer that had attacked her. Being that the young lady was just told she was pregnant she chose to save her baby and sacrifice herself to bring that beautiful baby boy into the world. Some would say she was overcome…and Mandissa said it truly challenged her faith when her dear friend passed. But she did what she felt needed to be done. She answered the call that she received. We do not know what that little boy is going to need to do – and if his mother had chosen to sacrifice his life for hers, what would the world miss that it so badly needed.

We are so quick to claim VICTORY over sickness and sometimes the victory is in what others would see as defeat. Look at Jesus…His disciples thought¬†He was defeated when He was crucified…but WE know that it was HIS DEATH that gives US LIFE. We have to remember faith requires us to accept ¬†God’s outcome, even when it doesn’t make sense to us. We can’t see the BIG picture, we only see our tiny little part of it and from the wrong side of the tapestry at that. If we see a black thread and believe our life is just a huge black thread and only see ugly…we have to remember that diamonds are made more beautiful set on a background of black. What we see as bad, most times are just our perspective not the truth.

Take time to talk to the Author of our lives. Spend TIME with Him…listen to Him. He does speak. He LOVES to spend time with His children, one on one. He loves to hear us praise Him and honor Him…but more He loves when we just practice quietness and sit quietly in His wonderful presence. He gives us glimpses of things too wonderful to speak sometimes. The wonder I have experienced when He has walked me through times beyond my own knowledge. He has amazed others through me when I have been able to tell them what is going to happen before it does. Lost people have asked in wonder how I “knew” and all I could say was “God”.

Overcome or Overcomer? Most times they are the very same thing…it’s all in what you want to see.