Sheer Happiness

This picture is such wonderful depiction of pure happiness. The description is not quite correct though. I moved into a high rise building where I leased a beautiful condo on the fifth floor. In that building I was perhaps the youngest person living there, at 53. I can’t tell you how many times I saw people coming and going from our building with head hunched down between shoulders and a frown on their faces. This was not a low rent “old folks” apartment building…they were, for the most-part well off. This building was in a more reputable area of town…but I saw very few smiles from the tenants or their visitors. That puzzled me…I had just gotten out of a bad second marriage I understood why I had depression issues…but these people? One day I decided I couldn’t deal with all the sadness and was going to do something about it. I bought a big bubble wand and bubble solution and stood on my balcony. When I saw people sitting on their balconies below me, or busy getting out of cars I would wave my magic bubble wand and magically…miraculously smiles appeared where there had been a frown. They would look around and see me, I would wave at them with a smile…and funny thing…I would get a smile back in return. NO ONE can be sad with bubbles. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Children + bubbles = pure joy.

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