What Lies Ahead

The pendulum swung lazily back and forth, back and forth. Other than the ticking of the old grandfather clock in the hall, the house was quiet. Peaches sat quietly watching the rain trickle down the glass in tiny rivulets converging and separating as it would with no seeming rhyme or reason. She smiled a little, shaking her head at an idle thought that came and went so quickly she couldn’t even put words to it. This life had it’s ups and downs that’s for sure. Sometimes the ups were so glorious, ah, just had to smile at the mountain tops. Her mind’s eye could see the sun glittering on fresh snow with the crisp clean air blowing gently through her mind. And the downs. Well, they were just that and with no apology at all.

This was a down…funny it had to start raining today of all days. It had been clear for the last week or so after the last storm front went through. The spring grass was getting greener and greener, so much so that Peaches had thought she might go to her favorite market and get some annuals to plant in her little flower garden beside the house. It was just a routine annual check up. She expected the usual “you are healthy as a horse” result as every other year. Her doctor was concerned though, her white blood count was too high. Way too high. More tests were ordered and more blood drawn today. Sure, she had felt a little more tired than she normally did, but shoot, she was pushing 65 pretty hard and shouldn’t she expect to slow down some? Dr. Blanchard was concerned that she might have Leukemia. Wow…ok that definitely took the wind out of her sails. Of course until they got the results from this last battery of tests would they know for sure…only then would they decide the next steps.

Bug stretched her legs a bit in her sleep and disturbed Chip who grumbled slightly, curled a little more tightly than she had been, sighed and fell back to sleep. Peaches smiled fondly at her 2 golden retrievers, what would she do without them. Then the thought crossed her mind and made her catch her breath…if…if she truly did have leukemia, what would become of Princess Doodle Bug and Lady Luck Let the Chips Fall where they May. At 7 and 9 they were not old, but neither were they young. Peaches HAD to do some planning for certain. Even if she didn’t have that diagnosis…she had to make some decisions about what would come of her dear friends if anything were to happen to her. She had never given any real thought to this issue and knew it was important.