Mind Your Own Business

What is it with all the “reality” shows, why would any sane person want to have their whole life on display for the whole world to see? Can it be that all the busyness that is our lives be so empty that we feel it necessary to live vicariously through the crazy lives of the people on our TVs? Why is it that it appears to be OK to watch people connive, backstab and use others to scratch their way to the big bucks. How empty and wasted of a life is that? Is this what we want our kids to believe? Is this the ultimate goal to set before our youngsters?

What happened to values? What happened to living life instead of just existing and trying to get some kind of satisfaction from watching others “live.” There is a saying “life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.” It’s a nice saying…but it’s a better way of life. If we live our lives so superficially that we never touch another person or never let another touch us, we will never really have those moments that take our breath away. You have to care about something outside your skin to have anything take your breath away.

I love my job. I work for a county agency and there is just something about greeting people with a genuine smile, and seeing that smile in return. People want to know someone cares. Even if I have to give an answer that they don’t want to hear…knowing that I truly do care makes a difference in the way they handle that informaIs thistion. The sincere gratitude of these people take my breath away. Touching lives, one person at a time…it gives me satisfaction. You can’t get that on TV.


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