A Safe Place

Where do you go when things are not going the way you wanted. When your heart is breaking and your world is laying in pieces at your feet…when it seems there is nothing and no one that could ever put your Humpty Dumpty back together again.  When you’re sure there is absolutely no one who cares.  Is there a haven you can go to?  A place of refuge?

They say, you can tell your “true” friends from your acquaintances  during these times. But let’s be honest…there are times that NO ONE can understand what is going on inside of you not even your closest friend. I’ve lived long enough to have gone through too many of these times. I have had to “rebuild” my life too many times; and I can tell you there is a haven. A place of peace where lessons are learned (yes, through our mistakes and blunders.) A true haven of rest.

There is one that sticks closer than a brother. Jesus, is my refuge, my teacher, my shoulder to both cry on and lean on. He truly does know me…even better than I do. It never ceases to amaze me when He shows me things about myself that I would have told any other person NO emphatically NO! Only to find out the truth when I am brought to a point where there is no denying it. When I say Jesus is my refuge, it is not a sweet platitude from “my religion” it is something that I have learned through experience. He has been with me at my highest highs and my lowest lows and still He loves me. He never, ever, gives up on me.


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